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Cathriona White Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and More

Posted By: Saba Altaf | March 10, 2018

Cathriona White best-known for the bunker this lady was a talented makeup artist and actress. She got the talent in her hands. Cathriona also got famous for his work and his boyfriend, Jim Carrey. She also wrote a letter of apology to her boyfriend. White was a good actress along with having the art of makeup.

Who is Cathriona White?

Catherine was born on 14th September 1985 in Cappawhite, Ireland. She got the fame from the Bunker 731, Firefly and moving to Takahashi. Cathriona White came from the most decent family, and she brought up was good. She was the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey and was married to Mark D. Burton. She has done suicide at the age of 28 years. Her mother called her a failure, and in that depression, the star took her own life. She died at very young age and left an apology note for her ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey.

The early life of Cathriona White

cathriona white

Cathriona was basically from Cappawhite town in Ireland. It’s a small town in Ireland where she was born on 14th September 1985. Her father name was Pat White and mother was Bridget Sweetman. She has five siblings, and she grew up with them. They are Lisa, Sara, James, Larina, and Tadhg. She died at 28th September 2015 in Los Angeles, California. She also has performed in some of the US movies.

Professional Life of Cathriona White

The actress made her debut in 2002 with television show named Firefly. After that, she has worked a lot and work as a makeup artist also. She loves to do crime thriller movies this is the reason she was the part of those movies which are crime thriller and got the fame through those movies. She appeared in the short movie in 2012 in which she played the role of a girl which stuck in the bomb shelter. The name of the movie was bunker 73. White had a really bright professional life instead of her personal life which was really hard, and she was struggling hard to make it normal.

Achievements of Cathriona White

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She was the best actress who can perform thriller action roles easily. This was one of the biggest uniqueness of the actress.

White was the girlfriend of Canadian actor Jim Carrey, and she thought that it’s a great achievement, but they did not stay together for a long time.

Latest work of Cathriona White

Cathriona White worked in a short film in 2012, and the name of the movie was bunker 73. She played the role of a girl which stuck in a bomb shelter. This was her last work. She was working on some other projects, but they ended with her death. Now two years are passed after her death.

Interesting Facts about Cathriona White

Cathriona White was a hard working a very talented makeup artist and got magic in her hands.

She most of the time worked with thriller movies and made a big name in that.

Cathriona had a bad personal life in which she was struggling hard to make things normal.

She already attempts to suicide many times but was not successful. Cathriona White died on the third anniversary of her father. She now buried where she was born, and it’s a small town.

Cathriona White and Relationships

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Cathriona White was in the relationship with Canadian actor Jim Carrey. Both were not a happy couple, and then after doing breakup twice, they separated their ways. Cathriona was married to Burton but was also in the secret relationship with Jim Carrey. She wrote an apology note before her death to the Jim. Burton now has filed a case on Jim of using the actress good name and famousness.

It was also the news that she has done suicide because her mother called her a failure. But after this note the reason for her suicide is clear, and that is keeping the bad behavior with Jim took her life.

Cathriona White Net Worth

Cathriona White has a net worth of $150 million. It was the review of the year of 2012, and she died in 2015, so no other details are present till now.

Cathriona White houses

She was not living in her own house in the US, and she was having her family’s her house in Ireland.

Cathriona White Car Collection

No car details are present about Cathriona White.

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