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Benicio Del Toro Net Worth, Salary, Early Life, Career, Affairs and More

Posted By: Haider Ali | March 12, 2018

Benicio Del Toro Introduction:

Benicio Del Toro is a Puerto Rican and Spanish actor. He won a Screen Actors Guild Award, BAFTA Award, an Academy Award. And Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the jaded in the 2000s movie Traffic but morally upright police officer Javier Rodriguez.

He has appeared in a 2003s movie titled Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 21 Grams as an ex-con turned religious fanatic in despair Jack Jordan was got much fame. And also helped him to win another Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actor. As well as for the same role he has received a BAFTA Awards nomination in the category of Best Actor in a Leading Role and a second Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination.

Childhood & Early Life of Benicio Del Toro:

Benicio Del Toro net worth

Benicio Del Toro was born as Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez on February 19, 1967. His father name was Gustavo Adolfo Del Toro. And his mother name was Fausta Genoveva. Both of his father and mother is a lawyer by profession. He is of mixed ancestry and had grown a Roman Catholic.

When he was just nine years old, his mother died. And after that mishap his father moved back towards Pennsylvania, U.S.A. From there he had also completed his high school education.

His father advised him to got admission to the University of California to complete his graduation. So, according to that, he has got admission to the institute. But after taking just a single class in acting. Benicio Del Toro realized that he should continue his career in acting. And also adopt this as a full-time profession.

As well as, he had slipped from his business course and began attending classes in the Circle in the Square Professional Theatre School without informing his family. After that, he got enrolled in the scholarship to the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory.

Benicio Del Toro Professional Career:

Benicio Del Toro started his acting career in 1987 by portraying a minor role in the T.V program ‘Miami Vice.’ As well as, he has appeared in many other projects at the same time. And mostly at the start of his career, he has appeared as a small time villain or thug.

Benicio Del Toro net worth

In 1988 he made his silver screen debut from the movie ‘Big Top Pee-wee’ and in this movie he had portrayed the role of the Dog-Faced Boy as Duke. But the film was not got much success. After that in 1989 he appeared in his second film ‘Licence to kill,’ and in this movie, he portrayed the role of Dario, a henchman. For this role, he has got noticed by the prominent producers and filmmakers.

As well as, this role has proved as the breakthrough role for his career and also after that, he appeared in many movies such as in 1991 appeared in ‘The Indian Runner.’

In 1993 he came into view in three movies as in ‘The Indian Runner,’ ‘Fearless’ and in ‘Money for Nothing.’ After that in 1994, he appeared in the ‘Swimming With Sharks’ over the next few years.

In 1995 he got the breakthrough role of his career from the movie ‘The Usual Suspects,’ and in this movie, he had appeared as Fred Fenster. As well as, for this role, he has got his career’s first Academy Award nomination.

Recent Projects of Benicio Del Toro:

Benicio Del Toro net worth

After that, he got many acting offers later his success in ‘The Usual Suspects.’ As well as, in 1996 he appeared in four movies. First, he appeared in the ‘The Funeral, after that appeared in ‘The Fan,’ later that in ‘Basquiat’ and his fourth movie was ‘Joy Ride.’

In 2000 he appeared in the movie ‘Traffic’ and also played the role of Javier Rodr�guez. The story of the movie had based on, a crime drama in which they explore the illegal drug trade from different angles. The movie had got much success at the box office as well as, got positive reviews from critics.

In the same year, he appeared in two more movies such as ‘Snatch’ and ‘The Way of the Gun.’ He came into view in a cameo as himself in ‘Bread and Roses.’ After that in 2003, his another film has released with the title of ’21 Grams. In this movie, he had portrayed the role of a former convict who accidentally kills a person and his kids in an automobile accident.

From this film, they also got a positive response. In the next few years, he appeared in many movies such as in 2005 appeared in ‘Sin City,’ in 2008 appeared in ‘Che’. And in the year 2010 portrayed his work in the film ‘Somewhere.’ Benicio Del Toro is a very busy actor. And has many future projects lined up for the upcoming release.

Awards & Achievements of Benicio Del Toro:

In the year 2000, he had awarded with the Academy Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor. He has won this award for his character as Javier Rodr�guez in the crime drama film ‘Traffic.’ As well as, for the same role he has won a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

In 2003 the Los Angeles Film Critics Association had honored him with the Best Supporting Actor for his role of Jack Jordan in ‘21 Grams.’ As well as, for this movie. He had got an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

After some time in 2008 he has at The Cannes International Film Festival. He has won the Best Actor Award for the portrayal of Che Guevara, in the biopic ‘Che.’

Personal Life & Legacy of Benicio Del Toro:

Benicio Del Toro net worth

Till dater, there is no confirmation about his marriage, but he is the father of a girl name Delilah. He has this girl with the relation of Kimberly Stewart.

Benicio del Toro: Body Measurements

If we talk about Benicio del Toro body measurements than he possesses 80 kg weight with the height of 6 feet 2 inches. As well as, he is the owner of God gifted hazel eyes and has salt-pepper hair.

Benicio del Toro: Social Media Profile

Like many other celebrities, Benicio del Toro is active on the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. On Facebook, he has more than 1k followers, while on twitter he has more than 6k followers.

Benicio Del Toro Net Worth:

According to latest reports and analysis, Benicio del Toro Net Worth has an estimated value of 45 million USDs. He earns his entire fortune through his acting and producing career.

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