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Tom Hiddleston Net Worth, Salary, Early Life, Career, Affairs and More

Posted By: Haider Ali | March 12, 2018

Tom Hiddleston Introduction:

Tom Hiddleston is an English actor, musical performer, and producer. At the start of his career, in 2007 he has appeared in West End theatre productions of Cymbeline and in 2008 appeared in Ivanov. In a drama where he has portrayed the role of Cymbeline, and for this role, she has awarded with the Laurence Olivier Award in the category of Best Newcomer.

As well as, he had got nominations for the same award for his apparel as Cassio in Othello. But he got the breakthrough role of his career after appearing as a Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After that he had appeared in a number of movies such as in 2011s movie titled Thor, 2012 appeared in The Avengers.

In 2013 he appeared in the sequel of Thor titled Thor: The Dark World and also in its 2017s follow up titled Thor: Ragnarok. He had awarded with the Empire Award in 2011 in the category of Best Male Newcomer. As well as, in the same year he has got nominations for the BAFTA Rising Star Award.

Tom Hiddleston net worth

He also portrayed his work in Steven Spielberg’s 2011s film titled War Horse. In the same year, he has appeared in two more movies first was The Deep Blue Sea and the second movie was Woody Allen’s romantic comedy Midnight in Paris.

In 2012 he appeared in BBC series of 2013 titled the romantic vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive and Henry IV and Henry V.

Childhood & Early Life of Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston was born as Thomas William Hiddleston on 9 February 1981 in Westminster, London, England. His father name was James Normal Hiddleston, and his mom name was Diana Patricia Hiddleston. His mother was of English origin while his father was of Scottish origin.

By profession, his father was a physical chemist, and his mother was an arts administrator. When he turned to the age of 12 his parent split.  He has two siblings both are girls.

His younger sister Emma is also an actress, while his older sister, Sarah is a journalist worked India. He completes his high school education from Eton College, and later that got enrolled in the Pembroke College.

Her mother was too much loved to do acting so that thing developed in her kids. During his college days, he began participating in stage productions and plays. After completing his college, he decided to study acting and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. From this institute, he has completed his degree in 2005.

Tom Hiddleston Professional Career

Tom Hiddleston net worth

Tom Hiddleston had begun acting when he was still a student. In 2001, he made his acting debut and appeared in a TV adaptation titled ‘Nicholas Nickleby. This project directed by Stephen Whittaker. After that in the same year, he has appeared in the ‘Conspiracy.’

After that in 2002, he appeared in the TV film ‘The Gathering Storm,’ and in this film, he has portrayed the role of Winston Churchill’s son. In the year 2006, he had made his silver screen debut from the British drama ‘Unrelated.’ This film directed by Joanna Hogg and in this movie he had lead the story.

In this movie, there were many other famous actors such as David Rintoul, Kathryn Worth, Mary Roscoe and his sister Emma Hiddleston. This movie had hit the box office and also received many prestigious awards.

After that in the next year’s Hiddleston played momentous roles in a number of plays such as in 2006 he appeared in ‘The Challenging,’ in 2007 appeared in ‘Cymbeline,’ and in 2008 appeared in ‘Othello.’

His appearance in the ‘Cymbeline’ had got much positive reviews and also for his remarkable performance he had won the ‘Laurence Olivier Award in the category of Best Newcomer in a Play.’

Recent Works of Tom Hiddleston

He does again his role in ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ and in this, he has portrayed the role as Loki, and the movie had released in 2013. This movie had directed by Alan Taylor, and also this movie was a massive hit at the box office.

In the same year, he has portrayed the main role in the play ‘Coriolanus,’ and the script had genially written by Shakespeare. In next few years, he has portrayed main roles in many movies such as in 2015 appeared in ‘I saw the Light’ and in 2017 lead the cast of ‘Kong: Skull Island.’

Awards & Achievements of Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston has won a number of prestigious awards for his entire acting career. Here I will give some examples of his achievements such as in 2008 he has won Laurence Olivier Award in the category of Best Newcomer in a Play. He won this award for his film ‘Cymbeline.’

In the year 2012 for his role in the film ‘Thor’ he had won ‘Empire Award for Best Male Newcomer.’ After that in 2013, for his role in the film ‘Avengers,’ he had awarded by ‘MTV Movie Award for Best Villain.’

In 2014 for his role in the play ‘Coriolanus’ he had won ‘Evening Standard Theatre Award in the category of Best Actor.’

Tom Hiddleston Personal Life

Still, Tom Hiddleston is a bachelor, and recently he is living in the Belsize Park Area of North-West London. There were some rumors and gossips that he was dating British actress Susannah Fielding.

Tom Hiddleston net worth

Later that he started his relationship with record executive, Jane Arthy. In 2016, he began dating Taylor Swift. As well as, he has got fame as his philanthropic activities and is involved in a number of UNICEF projects. In 2013, he visited Guinea to help the needy persons and also he has provided awareness of problems such as malnutrition and hunger.

Tom Hiddleston Net Worth

Tom Hiddleston net worth

According to latest reports and analysis, Tom Hiddleston net worth has an estimated value of 20 million USD. He made his entire fortune from his acting career. As well as, his annual income is near about $1,500,000.

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